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Jockey Club broadcasts the 19th Asian Games Hangzhou at its venues from tomorrow in full support of the sporting event

22/09/2023 21:15

In support of the 19th Asian Games Hangzhou and the participating Hong Kong athletes, The Hong Kong Jockey Club establishes a designated “Asian Games Live Zone” in all Off-Course Betting Branches (OCBBs), three Clubhouses, equestrian centre and one of its public riding schools. Starting from 23 September, it will broadcast the events of the 19th Asian Games Hangzhou provided by the three channels of Cable HOY TV for the enjoyment of its Members, customers and the public.

Please refer to the following for details:

All 88 OCBBs* (please see attached list). For opening hours, please visit
The Hilltop in The Valley, Sha Tin Clubhouse, and Beas River Country Club (for Members and guests only)
Beas River Equestrian Centre (for Members and guests only)
Tuen Mun Public Riding School