Horse Racing
“Early Settlement” to be available on all digital channels from 25 September

18/09/2023 15:01

HKJC Football announces that the existing “Early Settlement” function will be extended to all digital channels, namely Online Betting Service (eWin) and Classic 3-in-1, on 25 September.

Early Settlement enables customers to settle their bets early if they so wish, thereby locking in the payout amount or reducing potential losses. The function applies to single bets on designated matches covering both selected pre-event and In Play bet types. Customers are able to settle a bet before the match stop sells (including those matches without In Play offering) at an Early Settlement value offered by the Club at the time of the request.

Early Settlement increases flexibility in placing bets, helping customers to fine-tune their betting strategies and enjoy a more satisfying experience.

Customers may refer to our Early Settlement webpage for details.