Horse Racing
Special announcement on admission arrangements for race meetings

31/01/2022 17:16

The Hong Kong Jockey Club (the Club) has obtained permission from the Government to organise horse racing on 6 February, 9 February, 12 February, 16 February, 20 February, 23 February and 27 February under certain conditions. The Club would like to announce the following special arrangements for these race meetings:

1. Apart from staff members, club officials, licensed personnel and those persons whose role is essential to the conduct of the races, only Owners with starters and their companions who have made advance bookings will be admitted to the racecourses. Other persons including Members, media and members of the public will not be admitted.

All entrants are required to complete full COVID-19 vaccination course (two doses) for at least 14 days. They will have to abide by public health measures, including temperature screening before entry and wearing of face masks during the race meetings. To comply with the Government requirement, all persons entering the racecourses and all catering premises are required to scan the LeaveHomeSafe QR code.

2. Any person who has travelled outside Hong Kong and is currently subject to a quarantine order or self-monitoring requirement issued by the Government*, is required to undergo COVID-19 testing pursuant to a compulsory testing notice or direction (except for compulsory testing required after the end of compulsory quarantine or self-monitoring for persons returning from places outside Hong Kong) and has not been confirmed negative, lives in the same building as or has been in contact with a confirmed case within 14 days prior to the race day will not be admitted.   

3. To comply with the Government’s conditions, any gathering in the parade ring should not exceed four persons.  Furthermore, in line with social distancing rules, a distance of at least 1.5 metres will be maintained between any participant of a gathering and any participant of another gathering inside the Parade Ring.

Segregation measures will be implemented in the racecourses to minimise the interaction between the Owners with starters and their companions of different races.

4. There will not be celebratory arrangements or ceremonies on the racecourses except for the purpose of trophy presentations and taking winning photos at the Winning Arch after each race. Only a maximum of four persons will be allowed to take part in any winning photo at a time.  

5. The catering facilities on the racecourse will operate in full compliance with the requirements of different modes of operation issued by the Secretary for Food and Health for the catering business, including the scanning of the LeaveHomeSafe QR code of the catering premises.

Only light refreshment and soft drinks will be provided during day race meetings. No selling or supply of food or drink for consumption is available in the racecourses from 6 pm.

6. Betting services will not be available in the racecourses. In addition, no racecourse cross-betting will be available for the above race meetings.


* Fully vaccinated persons who have completed a compulsory quarantine period of 14 days or more may enter the racecourse.  Fully vaccinated persons who have completed a compulsory quarantine period of less than 14 days may only enter the racecourse on the 15th day from the date of return. Fully vaccinated persons who are only required to undergo self-monitoring may enter the racecourse during the self-monitoring period.