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Off-Course Betting Branches to re-open on non-racedays. Validities of betting tickets and cash vouchers

27/08/2020 17:00

The Hong Kong Jockey Club (the Club) has earlier closed all Off-Course Betting Branches (OCBBs) due to the severe situation of COVID-19 and public health risks of mass gatherings. The Club understands that there is a need for customers to manage their betting accounts and process other services before the opening of the racing season. After balancing various factors including the current situation of the pandemic and the gradual resumption of public services by the Government, the Club decided to re-open its OCBBs on non-racedays from 29 August. In the interest of public health protection, betting services for racing and football matches will not be available and football matches will not be broadcast at the OCBBs.

All services will be provided behind the service counter to uphold a more stringent control of social distancing. Other public health measures including body temperature scanning, mask-wearing, social distancing and cleaning and disinfecting will continue to be implemented in the OCBBs.  

Details of the arrangements at OCBBs are as follows:

Opening OCBBs:

All OCBBs (except OCBBs with maintenance work in-progress*)

Opening dates:

From 29 August on non-racedays

Opening hours:

12:00 nn to 8:00 pm

Services available:

– HKJC e-Wallet setup
– Opening and re-activation of betting accounts
– Cashing-in of vouchers or winning tickets
– Betting account deposits and withdrawals
– Funds transfer setup

* For details, please visit:

– All customers are required to receive temperature screening before entry and wear surgical masks inside the OCBBs. All customers and staff are required to observe the prevailing social distancing and group gathering restrictions as promulgated by the HKSAR Government during their stay in the OCBBs.

– Hand sanitisers will be provided at the entrances and exits of the OCBBs.

– Special measures will be implemented inside the OCBBs to ensure appropriate social distancing. Hourly cleaning and disinfection of public area.

– To prevent over-crowding, customers are required to leave the OCBBs after the completion of service.

Validities of betting tickets and cash vouchers

To protect the interests of customers, the Club announced in February to extend the validities of unclaimed tickets and cash vouchers until further notice, upon the closure of OCBBs in response to the situation of COVID-19 in Hong Kong. In view of the re-opening of OCBBs from 29 August, the Club announces that the validities of all affected tickets and cash vouchers will be extended to 31 January 2021. Customers may visit the OCBBs with the concerned tickets or cash vouchers before the expiry date to claim their tickets or cash vouchers. On the other hand, the validities of tickets or cash vouchers purchased on or after 29 August will be 60 days and 180 days respectively in accordance with the Betting Rules.