Horse Racing
Change of Racing Colours - IRON KING , 2020 PP (E001) and FLYING MONKEY

21/08/2020 10:45

The Racing Colours for the following horses have been changed:

Horse Name

Owned by

Racing Colours




IRON KING (C133) John Wong Yip Kong RED : white triple diamond, white armlet on gold slvs, white stars on blue cap RED : white V, white chevron on red slvs, white & red striped cap At Owner’s request
2020 PP (E001)



The Racing Twelve Syndicate YELLOW : mauve & purple V, purple stars on yellow slvs, purple stripe on white cap BLUE & YELLOW stripes : white slvs, blue stripe on white cap. At Owner’s request

Racing colours for IRON KING (C133) : EPS file/JPG file
Racing colours for 2020 PP (E001) : EPS file/JPG file
Racing colours for FLYING MONKEY (T361): EPS file/JPG file