Horse Racing
Pool arrangements related to Race 5

24/12/2022 18:33

Following an incident in Race 5 at Sha Tin Racecourse today (Saturday, 24 December), it was decided due to safety reasons to declare the race void.  

According to the Horse Race Betting Rules, the following pool arrangements have been made:

Races Affected

Types of Pools Affected

Refund/ Payout Arrangement

Race 5

Quinella Place
3 Pick 1 (Composite Win)
First 4

  • Refund


Races 4 to 6

4th and 5th Double

  • Dividend will be paid for the 1st leg winner of 4th DBL & 2nd leg winner of 5th DBL.
  • No consolation dividend will be declared.

Races 4, 5 & 6

Triple Trio

  • Dividend will be paid for the first and last legs winner.
  • No consolation dividend will be declared.

Races 5 to 10

Six Up

  • Dividend will be paid for winning selections of the remaining legs.
  • No Six Win Bonus dividend will be declared.
  • Jackpot will be credited back to the Jackpot pool and will be carried forward to the race meeting on 1 January 2023.

Cash betting
All cash bets will be refunded on presentation of tickets at any Off-course Betting Branch (OCBB) or at the racecourses during opening hours within 60 days from 24 December 2022.  

Betting via Telebet and Interactive Services
All bets placed through Telebet and Interactive Services will be refunded directly to the respective betting accounts.