Horse Racing
Club Statement

07/08/2022 20:50

It has come to the attention of the Club that a group of Off-Course Betting Branches (OCBBs) staff has initiated and organised a private gathering on 1 August with the participation of 43 employees.

The Club has strict protocols to manage any public health risks in association with Covid-19. It is the Club’s policy that all OCBB employees must take RAT with negative results before they are allowed to report for duty. As a result of this stringent control measure, we have detected that 8 employees who have participated in the private gathering are infected with COVID-19 on August 4 and 5. Subsequently, the other 35 participants at the gathering were requested to take PCR test and 5 of them are confirmed positive. All other staff working in the same OCBBs with the 13 infected persons have also taken COVID tests and the results are all negative.

The 13 staff were infected outside the Club’s venue and at a private gathering. They were immediately stopped from reporting duties at the corresponding OCBBs. In accordance with the Club’s protocol, the relevant 6 OCBBs have been closed immediately for deep cleansing from 5 August until further notice.  We apologise for any inconvenience caused to our customers.