Horse Racing
Change of Racing Colours – MORETHANLUCKY & B055

31/08/2017 17:13

The Racing Colours for the following horses have been changed:

Horse Name Owned by Racing Colours Reason
From To
MORETHANLUCKY (A039) Funs of Family Racing Syndicate BLACK : red cross of lorraine and armlets on slvs, black & red hlvd cap RED : pink stars, red & pink striped slvs, red & pink hlvd cap At owner’s request
2017 PP (B055) Francis Yeung ROYAL-BLUE : yellow braid, royal-blue stripe on white slvs, pale-blue cap PURPLE : gold lightning bolt, purple stars on gold slvs, purple & gold striped cap. At owner’s request

Racing colours for MORETHANLUCKY (A039): EPS file/JPG file
Racing colours for 2017 PP (B055): EPS file/JPG file