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HKJC Football launches new Wagering System for enhancement of customer service and experience

08/07/2022 15:23

HKJC Football will be officially launching a new Football Wagering System on 19 July to deliver enhanced wagering service and experience to its customers*.

The new system features a number of enhanced services, as detailed below:

New match code format
The match code will adopt a new format of “FB + four-digit number” (e.g. FB1234), to replace the existing format of “day of the week + number definition” (e.g. MON1). The new format is designed to enable advance selling for major events, such as the World Cup and Euro Championship, so that matches can be offered to customers once the draws are made. It also avoids near-term duplication of match codes to provide easier-to-read information to customers for choosing matches.

Upon the adoption of the new format, customers will be filling in the four-digit match code in the “Event ID” column (Photo 1) on the newly designed football ticket.

Customers will also need to use the new match code as directed by the voice guidance when using the 1886 Telebet Automated Services. For example, for match FB1234, customers will need to input 1, 2, 3, 4 then press the hash key (“#”).

Counter offer of new stake
When a football bet exceeds its maximum payout limit or falls below its minimum payout limit, the system will counter offer a new stake that falls within the maximum and minimum payout limits, allowing customers to place bets more conveniently.

Enhancement of payout services
HKJC Football will also be enhancing the payout services. The partial payout service for Football tickets, which is currently only available via online and Telebet channels, will be extended to Off-Course Betting Branches and Racecourses. In addition, the enhancement will enable the payout of more bet types upon verification of match results by HKJC Football. For example, when a half-time result is confirmed as 2:1, not only First Half bet types but also bets placed on the “High” of the “HiLo” line of 2.5 will be paid out at the same time. Customers may refer to the latest Football Betting Rules for the details of the new payout arrangements.

Change of “To Qualify” to tournament level
The “To Qualify” bet type will change from match to tournament level to provide customers with more options.

“Corner HiLo” renamed as “Corner Taken HiLo”
Bet type “Corner HiLo” will be renamed as “Corner Taken HiLo” to more clearly reflect that only corners that are taken will be counted in accordance with the Football Betting Rules.

The Club consistently reviews its product offerings and has decided to temporarily suspend the pari-mutuel bet types “6 Hafu” and “Double HaFu Score” until further notice. Additionally, in line with the practice of major operators globally, the running score will reset to 0:0 for In Play betting on matches that run into extra time.

All the above new features and arrangements will be effective upon the launch of the new Football Wagering System. Customers may refer to the latest Football Betting Rules for the details of all these new enhancements. For enquiries, please call 1818 or e-mail to

In addition, betting services will be suspended on 18 July for the installation of the new system.  Customers may refer to the Club’s forthcoming announcement for details.

*   No person under the age of 18 is allowed to place bets.