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Club Statement

21/02/2022 15:46

The Hong Kong Jockey Club (the Club) confirms that trainer Dennis Yip was tested positive in a regular COVID test conducted at Sha Tin Racecourse this morning.

The Club has stringent COVD testing arrangements for licensed persons that require trainers and jockeys to take a compulsory PCR test seven days a week.  As a condition to attend race meetings, trackworks and other activities inside the racecourses, all licensed persons must produce a negative test result every day. This stringent daily testing regime enables the Club to effectively implement its anti-covid pandemic strategy built on early detection, early segregation and early treatment of any infected cases. In this incident, we have managed to detect an infected case at the earliest opportunity when it is the least infectious.

Over the last week, Yip has consistently produced negative PCR test results including yesterday (20 February). Accordingly, he was able to attend the Sha Tin race meeting yesterday and the trackwork this morning.

Immediately after being informed that Yip’s PCR test this morning returned positive, swift actions have been taken by the Club in consultation with our Chief Medical Officer including isolating Yip pending further instruction from the health authorities. Contact tracing is being carried out to identify any close contact with Yip for further isolation and testing as required.

Yip does not reside in quarters provided at Sha Tin Racecourse. He will not be allowed to participate in daily trackworks and race meetings until further notice.