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Simulcast and betting arrangements for Met Day Two Double Trio pools on offer

28/01/2021 18:40

HKJC Horse Race Betting Limited will simulcast eight races of Met Day from Kenilworth Racecourse, South Africa on Saturday 30 January. Bets will be accepted* for these overseas races and two Double Trio pools will be offered.

The ticket sales for Met Day will be available from 12:00 nn on Friday, 29 January. (Subject to further announcement by the Club)

Race times and betting pools

Met Day is scheduled as S1-1 to S1-8, and is due to start at 7:50 pm on 30 January. Details of the post time and betting pools are:

Met Day

Post Time
(HK time)
Overseas races Betting Pools
S1-1 7:50 pm Pinnacle Stakes Win
Quinella Place
Forecast & Trio Merged Pool
Quartet & First 4 Merged Pool
1st Double Trio (S1-2 and S1-3)
2nd Double Trio (S1-5 and S1-6)
Treble (S1-6 to S1-8)
S1-2 8:25 pm Summer Juvenile Stakes
S1-3 9:00 pm Politician Stakes
S1-4 9:35 pm Cape Flying Championship
S1-5 10:15 pm Majorca Stakes
S1-6 11:10 pm The Met
S1-7 11:45 pm Western Cape Stayers
S1-8 12:20 am
(31 Jan)
MR 76 F&M Handicap
– All Up as well as Cross Pool All Up betting are available in  S1-1 to S1-8, but cannot be mixed with local races
– Rebates are not available on all bets placed on overseas races
– If there is no winner for the Double Trio, the jackpot generated will be carried forward to Dubai Super Saturday on 6 March 2021
– The final betting pool arrangement is subject to the final announcement of the Club


Broadcast arrangements

Simulcast races will be broadcast on TV and radio.  Customers can also review the overseas races at one hour after the running of the race. 

Met Day




7:35 pm until the end of S1-8

TVB J2 Channel


7:25 pm until the end of S1-8

Cable TV Channels 18 &
Sports Plus 3 (Channels 605 and 665)

now TV Channels now668 & 630

Racing Touch & HKJC TV^

Live commentary 8 minutes before each race

Commercial Radio AM864


Hong Kong Toolbar

‘S1’ must be indicated for overseas race bets

Customers betting through Interactive Services** on overseas races should mark the ‘S1 box’ and race number of the overseas race on the ticket or as required by the Interactive Services interfaces.  Those placing bets via Telebet should clearly indicate the overseas race and race number to the operators. Those using the 1886 Telebet Automated Services should input ‘overseas race’ and the race number respectively.

If ‘S1’ or ‘Overseas race’ is not indicated as required, any bets placed will be accepted as bets for the corresponding local race.

Odds and starter information for overseas races

The odds and starter information for overseas races will be available at all OCBBs, via Interactive Services, and on the Odds and Information Hotline 1835888.

Ticket Sales Arrangement for the Overseas Races

Ticket sales for Met Day will be available from 12:00 nn on Friday, 29 January. Selling hours for the overseas races are:

Met Day



1886  Telebet Automated Services and Interactive Services**


12:00 nn to 1:00 am
on the following day

12:00 nn to 6:15 am
on the following day


12:00 nn to start of S1-8

7:30 am to start of S1-8

* All customers must be aged 18 or above. 

^ Login with betting account, press ‘Live Streaming’ under Main Menu

**   Interactive Services supporting the service – Online Betting Service (eWin) , Mobile Betting Service, Racing Touch and MangoPRO betting app.  For enquiries, please call 1818.