Horse Racing
Renovation works - Sha Tin large all weather track and turf track

28/11/2017 18:15

1. Ripping of large all weather track

The large all weather track was ripped today to a depth of 5 1/2″ to relieve surface hardness as well as to achieve thorough mixing of 36 tonnes of silt and clay applied on 27 November. The track will be expected to ride similar to the meeting on 26 November after it had been ripped on 21 November, weather permitting.

2. Verti-drain on Sha Tin turf track

The verti-drain was used on the Sha Tin turf track to alleviate surface hardness according to the following schedules:

20 – 21 November A to B Course
27 – 28 November C Course and the remaining area

On completion of the works, the areas were lightly rolled as per previous practice.