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Mark Six Summer Snowball Draw on 18 July Estimated First Division Prize Fund could reach $80 million

06/07/2017 14:59

This year’s Mark Six Summer Snowball draw* will be held on 18 July 2017. The draw will carry a snowball of $60 million, and it is estimated that the First Division Prize Fund could reach $80 million.

Multiple Draw Entry Tickets
While customers are enjoying vacations during the summer holiday, Mark Six Multiple Draw Entry tickets allowing them to enter the same set of numbers for consecutive draws without missing any winning opportunities. Multiple Draw Entry tickets are available in “5-draw”, “10-draw”, “20-draw” and “30-draw” units at Off-Course Betting Branches, Racecourses and for purchase through Electronic Shroff Card (ESC), while choices of between 5 and 30 consecutive draws will be available through respective Interactive Services and 1886 Telebet Automated Services.  Multiple Draw Entry tickets provide single entry, multiple entry and banker entry with your own choice of numbers or quick pick style.

Tickets for the Summer Snowball draw start selling from next Tuesday
Tickets for the Summer Snowball draw will be available on 11 July at OCBBs, Telebet (including 1886 Telebet Automated Services) and Interactive Services which include Online Betting Service (eWin), Mobile Betting Service, Mango devices and MangoPRO betting app.  Selling will stop at 9:15 pm on the draw day, 18 July.

*Customers must be aged 18 and above