Horse Racing
Nashashuk (V143) – Race 3 (745) – 21 June 2017 Happy Valley Racemeeting

03/07/2017 12:04

In accordance with the usual practice of The Hong Kong Jockey Club, urine and blood samples were obtained from all winning horses at the Happy Valley racemeeting on Wednesday, 21 June 2017, including NASHASHUK, which was successful in the Ninepin Group Handicap.

The Stewards have today received a test report issued by the Head of Racing Laboratory, Dr T S M Wan, advising that the post-race urine sample taken from NASHASHUK on analysis has shown the presence of etofenamate and flufenamic acid.  Mr J Size, trainer of NASHASHUK, has been advised of the analyst’s findings.

A preliminary investigation conducted to ascertain the circumstances that may have resulted in the finding has established that etofenamate and flufenamic acid are not contained in any registered veterinary products in Hong Kong, but that etofenamate is a constituent of a number of registered human preparations.  The initial investigation also revealed that a stable assistant, who was attending to NASHASHUK at the relevant time, reported using a registered human preparation containing etofenamate, which is known in a number of species to be metabolised to flufenamic acid.  The relevant medication has been surrendered to the Stewards as part of the investigative process.

The investigation is ongoing and no confirmation as to the source of the finding has been determined at this time.

A further release will be issued at the appropriate time.