Horse Racing
Jockey Antoine Hamelin

29/11/2022 14:55

The Club’s Chief Medical Officer has advised that Jockey Antoine Hamelin has this morning tested re-positive following the Club’s routine daily polymerase chain reaction (“PCR”) test.  Accordingly, Jockey Hamelin has been stood down from riding until further notice with the Stewards approving the following riding substitutions for the Happy Valley racemeeting to be conducted on Wednesday, 30 November 2022:-

Race 1: TREASURE OF FIELD – L Ferraris
Race 2: BRILLIANT LIFE – V Borges
Race 3: WONDER YEARS – H Bentley
Race 4: SMART COUSIN – C L Chau
Race 5: LORIZ – C L Chau
Race 7: KEEP YOU WARM – L Currie
Race 8: ESCAPE ROUTE – V Borges

As previously notified, Jockey Hamelin provided a negative PCR test on Sunday, 27 November 2022 in addition to the required negative Rapid Antigen Test and accordingly received his blue code that morning.  

A further release will be issued at the appropriate time in respect of Jockey Hamelin’s eligibility to resume riding in track work and in races.