Horse Racing

24/03/2022 19:45

The Stewards today opened an inquiry into video footage of SOLAR WINDS (G154), trained by Dennis C H Yip, working on the Large All Weather Track at Sha Tin on 27 December 2021.  In the footage, SOLAR WINDS appears to have blood at the left nostril.  The inquiry has been delayed until today due to a number of Covid-related issues.

Evidence was today taken from Mr Yip, Mr Wilson M H Chan, Assistant Trainer allocated to Mr Yip’s stable for the current 2021/2022 racing season, Mr Alan C L Yip, Head Lad currently allocated to Mr Yip’s stable, Dr B S Forbes, Head of Veterinary Regulation, Welfare and Biosecurity Policy, Dr W H Chan, Veterinary Surgeon allocated to Mr Yip’s stable, as well as a number of Mr Dennis Yip’s stable staff at the relevant time.  Evidence was also taken from Mr Clement K W Chan, Treasurer of the Merry Gang Syndicate, the Owner of SOLAR WINDS.

It was established that when SOLAR WINDS worked at Sha Tin on 27 December 2021, that horse had blood present at the left nostril and that this matter was not referred to a Veterinary Surgeon or a Veterinary Officer.  As such, a veterinary examination of SOLAR WINDS including upper airway endoscopy was not performed on 27 December 2021 or in the subsequent days.

After taking evidence from all parties concerned, viewing the footage of the horse working on 27 December 2021 and CCTV footage from inside Mr Yip’s stable on the relevant day and after having considered the evidence tendered by Dr Forbes and Dr Chan, the Stewards informed Mr Clement Chan that the Stewards had ruled that SOLAR WINDS had bled for the first occasion on 27 December 2021.

Mr Dennis Yip was advised that, given the large volume of evidence which had been taken, the Stewards would adjourn the matter to consider the matter.  However, he was advised that there was prima facie evidence that there had been a breach of the Rules of Racing associated with the failure to refer the matter of the blood being present at the left nostril of SOLAR WINDS in track work on 27 December 2021 to a Veterinary Surgeon or a Veterinary Officer as soon as possible on the same day as required.  Mr Wilson Chan and Mr Alan Yip were similarly advised that the Stewards would give consideration to the evidence before deciding on the appropriate course of action.

The inquiry is therefore adjourned until a date to be fixed.