Horse Racing

10/05/2021 15:24

The Stewards today concluded their inquiry into V Borges’ riding of CHAMPION PRIDE, particularly rounding the Home Turn and in the Home Straight, in the Mau Tau Wai Handicap (Sec 1) which was run at Happy Valley Racecourse on Wednesday, 5 May 2021.  Further evidence was today taken from Jockey Borges and Mr D E Ferraris, the trainer of CHAMPION PRIDE.  A written authority for Mr Ferraris to represent the interests of Mr Chapman Poon York Hung, the owner of CHAMPION PRIDE, at today’s inquiry was tendered.  The Stewards also admitted written evidence tendered by the Veterinary Officer that a veterinary examination of CHAMPION PRIDE on Thursday, 6 May 2021 found that horse to have sustained a right front tendon injury.

After considering all the evidence, the Stewards took no exception with Jockey Borges’ riding in the early and middle stages as he had ridden the horse as instructed, that being, from the wide barrier, to obtain a positon towards the rear of the field with cover.

In respect of Jockey Borges’ decision to improve to the inside of DEMONS ROCK after the 400 Metres rather than shift out behind ACA POWER with a view to improving to that horse’s outside at the entrance of the Straight, the Stewards believed that this decision was not unreasonable in the circumstances given that DEMONS ROCK was shifting to the outside of SHOWINA which resulted in ACA POWER being taken wider rounding the Home Turn.

Having made the decision to improve to the inside of DEMONS ROCK, V Borges then directed CHAMPION PRIDE to the outside of SHOWINA shortly after entering the Home Straight with a view to improving either into tight running between that horse and STEEL WIN or to the outside of STEEL WIN and inside DEMONS ROCK.  As a result of both of these runs closing before CHAMPION PRIDE was able to establish running, CHAMPION PRIDE was held up for clear running,  V Borges then directed CHAMPION PRIDE out behind DEMONS ROCK passing the 200 Metres which resulted in CHAMPION PRIDE racing close to the heels of that horse near the 175 Metres.  At this stage, ACA POWER, which was racing to the outside of DEMONS ROCK, was positioned about a neck behind that horse.  Given that CHAMPION PRIDE would have had to be steadied to be in a position to be safely shifted out across the heels of ACA POWER, the Stewards advised Jockey Borges that he was given the benefit of the doubt in respect of his decision not to attempt to position CHAMPION PRIDE to be able to improve to the outside of ACA POWER.

Whilst not electing to proceed further with this matter, V Borges was told that his riding of CHAMPION PRIDE had come under notice and that he must ensure that he positions his horses, wherever circumstances permit, to allow them clear and uninterrupted running so as to ensure that his riding is not open to query.

Mr Ferraris was told that the evidence he provided during the inquiry was accepted.