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HKJC launches online account opening service, providing one-stop application process via mobile app

06/05/2021 15:25

A core digital transformation initiative under the Hong Kong Jockey Club’s Smart Platform Strategy, the “HKJC Account Opening” online application is available from today (6 May 2021). Applicants* are able to open a betting account with the Club via a smartphone anytime, anywhere, through this convenient new service.

A total of 850 million transactions a year are now conducted via HKJC digital platforms. The “HKJC Account Opening” app completes the digital transformation of the customer journey developed in seven steps, namely Onboarding, Funds Transfer, Experience and Booking, Preparing, Betting/Enjoying, Customer Relationship Management and Customer Care.  All of these steps can now be taken online.

Mr Richard Cheung, Executive Director, Customer and International Business Development, said: “Under the challenges of COVID-19, our team has been working at full speed on digital transformation initiatives intended to minimise the need for customers to visit our Off-Course Betting Branches (OCBBs). The launch of the online account opening service means that applicants are no longer required to visit our physical branches in person. This new initiative has completely transformed the customer experience in opening an account.”  

“HKJC Account Opening” employs artificial intelligence to verify the applicant’s identity.  The App also enables the applicant to register for linking to a bank account and the HKJC Faster Payment System (FPS).  Applicants are no longer required to visit the Club’s OCBBs for on-site identity verification and are therefore not limited by branch service hours.

To open a betting account, applicants can now simply use a smartphone to download the “HKJC Account Opening” mobile application and follow six simple steps to complete online registration. The whole process is digitalised, without the need for applicants to submit hard copies, and can be completed in just five minutes. 

The account application could be approved on the same day or within five working days under normal situation, depending whether the applicant has provided all required information and the time needed by the customer’s selected bank to process the application. 

The interface of the “HKJC Account Opening” mobile application is user-friendly, with interactive text instructions and voice guidance for applicants to follow in a simple and easy process.

In addition ZA Bank, Hong Kong’s first virtual bank, has become the Club’s 16th HKJC FPS partner bank in offering instant funds transfer services.

For more details about “HKJC Account Opening”, please visit the Smart Platform webpage at  or call the Club’s hotline at 1817.

* Applicants must be aged 18 or above

Seven-step customer journey
Seven-step customer journey
Six steps to complete “HKJC Account Opening” online application
Six steps to complete “HKJC Account Opening” online application