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Latest arrangements for Off-Course Betting Branches

19/02/2021 12:27

The Hong Kong Jockey Club (the Club) has been closely monitoring the latest COVID-19 developments. In view of recent improvements in the COVID-19 situation, the HKSAR Government has relaxed the social distancing measures and allowed the re-opening of some scheduled premises. After carefully considering various factors including the operation of OCBBs after the re-opening and the demand of customers, the Club has decided to re-open all OCBBs from 22 February to provide betting services for horse races and football matches under strict implementation of public health measures; but any OCBB located in any “specified area” delineated by the HKSAR Government or in the vicinity of confirmed cases will not open. Customers may visit the Club’s website at for the latest information.
The OCBBs will be providing the services of horse races and football matches betting, betting account deposits or withdrawals, cash-in of cash vouchers or winning tickets and opening or re-activation of betting accounts. Betting services of Mark Six will not be available.

To prevent over-crowding, horse races and football matches will not be broadcast at the OCBBs. Customers can place bets at self-vending terminals by using HKJC eWallet in addition to service counters, and are required to leave the OCBBs after completion of service. Public health measures including body temperature scanning, mask-wearing, social distancing and cleaning and disinfecting will continue to be implemented in the OCBBs.   

Details of the opening of OCBBs are as follows:

Opening OCBBs: Please visit
Opening days and hours: Non-day race meetings: 12:00 nn to 6:00 pm
Day race meetings: Closed
Services available: – Betting of local horse races, simulcast races and football matches
– Betting account deposits and withdrawals
– Cashing-in of vouchers or winning tickets
– Opening or re-activation of betting accounts

*Entrants to OCBBs must be aged 18 or above