Horse Racing
Special arrangements for race meetings

12/11/2020 14:08

The Hong Kong Jockey Club (the Club) has obtained permission from the Government to organise horse racing on 14 November, 18 November, 22 November, 25 November, 29 November, 2 December and 6 December under certain conditions. The Club would like to announce the following special arrangements for these race meetings:

1. For the race meetings from 14 November to 6 December, advance booking of some racecourse facilities will be available for Priority Card holders and members of the public. Apart from trainers, jockeys, Club officials and Stewards, only Owners, Voting Members, Members, Priority Card holders, members of the public and up to five accompanying guests who have made advance bookings approved by the Club will be admitted to the racecourses. They will have to abide by public health measures, including temperature screening before entry, filling in health declaration forms and wearing of face masks during the race meetings. Any person who has travelled overseas within 14 days prior to the race day will not be admitted, except those who are exempted from the HKSAR Government quarantine requirements. In addition to public health measures, standard security measures at racecourse entrances will be applied to ensure racecourse safety.

2. To comply with the Government’s conditions with regard to group gatherings of no more than four persons, only two Owners/guests of each horse will be allowed to have access to the Parade Ring. Furthermore, in line with social distancing rules, a distance of at least 1.5 metres should be maintained between groups of people inside the Parade Ring.

3. There will not be celebratory arrangements or ceremonies on the racecourses except for the purpose of trophy presentations and taking winning photos at the Winning Arch after each race. A maximum of four persons will be allowed to participate in each trophy presentation and photo-taking session.

4. Booking of racecourse facilities, including Public Betting Halls and outdoor grandstand seating, is now available to Priority Card holders and members of the public on our website as well as at Off-Course Betting Branches (OCBBs) for the race meetings from 14 November to 6 December. Online electronic health declaration forms will be accepted and must be submitted one day prior to racecourse admission.

5. The catering facilities on the racecourses will operate in full compliance with the requirements issued by the Secretary for Food and Health for the catering business. For example, a maximum of six people are allowed at each dining table, and a distance of at least 1.5 metres are maintained between the tables. Eating is not allowed at outdoor grandstand seating. Customers can dine at designated indoor catering facilities.

6. Car parks at Grandstand II of the Sha Tin Racecourse and Penfold Park will be open on the above race meeting days. Besides, Racecourse Station of MTR East Rail Line will be open.

7. For the Sha Tin race meetings held on 14 November, 22 November, 29 November and 6 December, the following facilities will be open on the Sha Tin Racecourse: Owners Box 1/F, 3/F and 6/F, Stewards Box on 7/F, Voting Members Box on 7/F, Owners Pavilion on 1/F, Private Boxes on 6/F and 7/F, Members Private Room and Jockey Club Box on 2/F, Seasonal Boxes on 6/F at Grandstand II, Owners Bar, Members Bar, Members Loges, Members Box on 4/F (Paddock, Pak Hop, Hong Kong Sixties), Owners Cabin and Members Cabin on 5/F, The Expert, Monopoly and Y Box on 5/F, D709 Box, The Racing Club on 5/F and 7/F, Members Betting Hall on 2/F at Grandstand I, Inner Circle, The Mastermind, Hay Market, Pak Sing, Wins Cafe Sha Tin, Champion Circle, Jump, Paper Badge Betting Hall, Digital Zone, Media Hall, Public Betting Halls and outdoor grandstand seating.

8. Besides, racecourse cross betting will also be available for these four Sha Tin race meetings. Voting Members Box on 5/F, Owners Box 7/F, Home Straight on 3/F and Winning Post on 7/F at Members Stand II as well as Leading Edge, 2/F Terrace and some Public Betting Halls in the Happy Valley Racecourse will be open for customers who have made an advance booking approved by the Club.

9. For the Happy Valley race meetings held on 18 November, 25 November and 2 December, the following facilities will be open on the Happy Valley Racecourse: Owners Box 2/F, Owners Box 3/F, Owners Box 4/F, Owners Box 6/F, Owners Box 7/F, Voting Members Box on 5/F, Stewards Boxes on 4/F to 6/F, Owners Pavilion on 1/F, Home Straight, Winning Post, Parade Enclosure Suites on 1/F at Members Stand III, Members Lodges, The Expert, Y Box, Provincial, adrenaline, Sports Bar, Noodle Bar, Dining Room and Hong Kong Kitchen of The Racing Club, Sponsors Box on 5/F, D306 Box on 3/F and Members Betting Hall on 2/F at Members Stand III, Seasonal Boxes on 4/F to 6/F at Pavilion Stand, Topaz on 7/F and 8/F at Members Stand III, The Chalk, The Mastermind, The Gallery, Inner Circle, Leading Edge, Wins Cafe Happy Valley, Silver Lining, Co-Tack, Moon Koon Restaurant, 2/F Terrace, Public Betting Halls and outdoor grandstand seating.

10. Besides, racecourse cross betting will be available for these three Happy Valley race meetings. Pak Sing, Champion Circle, Media Hall as well as Public Betting Halls on 1/F and 2/F at Grandstand II on the Sha Tin Racecourse will be open for customers who have made an advance booking approved by the Club.

11. 19 designated OCBBs# will open on race days to provide betting and customer services. Betting services will also be available at all OCBBs from noon to 8:00 pm on pre-sales days. All customers are required to undergo temperature screening before entry and must wear face masks while inside the OCBBs. All customers and staff are required to observe the social distancing rules and group gathering restrictions as promulgated by the HKSAR Government when inside the OCBBs. For the service hours of the OCBBs, please visit:

12. Customers can place bets via Telebet hotlines, namely 1881, 1882, 1883, 1884, 1885, 1887, 1889, Priority Red Card and Quickline, as well as via the Club’s mobile betting app, Racing Touch, eWin or 1886 Telebet Automated System. Fund deposits can be made by FPS or EPSCO via the Club’s betting app or eWin, or by PPS or Bank Bill Payment Services via online banking websites. Customers who do not have an online funds transfer facility can register online via the Club’s betting app or via eWin for FPS fund transfer.

#OCBBs opening on race days are as follows:

Hankow Road, Tsim Sha Tsui Ngau Tau Kok
Nathan Centre, Mong Kok Telford, Kowloon Bay
Castle Peak Road, Cheung Sha Wan Shung Ling Street, San Po Kong
Tai Po Road, Shek Kip Mei Tuen Mun Town Plaza
Sheung On Street, Chai Wan Tin Shui Wai
King’s Road, Quarry Bay Castle Peak Road, Tsuen Wan
Stanley Street, Central Shek Wu Hui, Sheung Shui
Electric Road, North Point Wing Fong Road, Kwai Chung
Jaffe Road, Causeway Bay Kwai Fong
Kwun Tong Plaza

* Customers must be aged 18 or above