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Resumption of Mark Six lottery draw on 21 July. Latest arrangements for services at Off-Course Betting Branches

03/07/2020 15:30

Noting improvements in the COVID-19 situation, the Hong Kong Jockey Club (the Club) has re-opened its Off-Course Betting Branches (OCBBs) on non-race days to provide betting services for races and customer services. Upon reviewing the operations of OCBBs after the re-opening, and in response to customer expectations, the Club decided to resume the Mark Six lottery draws from 21 July. Besides, football betting services will be resumed at all OCBBs and Telebet from 16 July.

To avoid crowding at the OCBBs, special arrangements will be implemented for the first two draws after the resumption as follows:

1. The 20/009 draw will be held on 21 July, with sale of lottery tickets starting earlier at 12:00 nn on 16 July.

2. The 20/010 draw will be held on 25 July, with sale of lottery tickets starting after the completion of the previous draw.

The Club will closely monitor the situation after the resumption and decide the arrangements for subsequent draws. Customers may refer to the Club’s future announcements, or the Mark Six website for the latest information.

In addition, the OCBBs will resume normal service hours from 16 July. The details are as follows:


Mark Six draw date

Non-Mark Six draw date

All OCBBs*

12:00 nn to 9:30 pm

12:00 nn to 8:00 pm

(*Except OCBBs closed for renovation. Service hours of some OCBBs may differ. For details, please visit:

All customers are required to receive temperature screening before entry and wear surgical masks inside the OCBBs. Hand sanitisers will be provided at the entrances and exits of the OCBBs; and special measures will be implemented inside the OCBBs to ensure appropriate social distancing.

To prevent crowding inside the OCBBs, customers may also purchase lottery tickets via Telebet, eWin at, mobile betting service and MangoPRO App.

** Customers must be aged 18 and above