Horse Racing
New Parade Ring Arrangement – Fractious Horses

10/01/2020 13:44

Commencing with the Sha Tin racemeeting to be conducted tomorrow, Saturday, 11 January 2020, horses which have been pre-approved by the Stewards to exit the Parade Ring early will be made easily recognisable for the benefit of the viewing public.

Under the new arrangement, the stables assistant allocated to lead such horse will wear a yellow-coloured armband on the left arm.  The armband will remain in that position and continue to be identifiable until the horse has left the Parade Ring to proceed to the Start.  The addition of the armband to the stables assistant will be made known to the race commentators and the Broadcasting Department in advance so that these horses can be viewed, assessed and commented on as early as possible.

Whilst a list of the horses requiring to leave the Parade Ring early will be maintained and amended by the Stewards as necessary, a horse will still be permitted to exit the Parade Ring early should it have the potential to compromise the safety of people and other horses in the Parade Ring.  In these cases the stables assistant will not wear an armband due to the decision made without notice.