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Mark Six New Year Snowball Draw Tomorrow

02/01/2019 14:58

This year’s Mark Six New Year Snowball draw* will be held on 3 January, Thursday. The draw will carry a snowball of $60 million, and it is estimated that the First Division Prize Fund could reach $80 million.

The draw will be held at 9:30 pm tomorrow and will broadcast live on TVB J2 Channel.

Lucky numbers for the last six Snowball draws

Number “41” or number “42” have been drawn for the last six Snowball draws, they can be considered as lucky numbers, details as follows:

Draw Date Snowball Draw Result (including extra number)
30/10/2018 Halloween Snowball 4 7 10 22 34 42 (38)
20/09/2018 Mid-Autumn Festival Snowball 5 6 17 26 40 41 (46)
17/07/2018 Summer Snowball 6 10 32 36 41 48 (47)
20/02/2018 Chinese New Year Snowball 3 5 25 42 43 44 (2)
02/01/2018 New Year Snowball 12 18 28 35 39 42 (36)
31/10/2017 Halloween Snowball 21 26 29 35 45 49 (41)

8-number Multiple Entry with 28 Selections

Customers who have eight favorable numbers may buy the 8-number Multiple Entry, which can be split into 28 single entries, with HK$140 by partial unit investment of HK$5. If six numbers among one of the entries are Drawn Numbers, the bet entitles to one 1st prize, twelve 3rd prizes and fifteen 5th prizes. (All Prizes will be paid based on the fraction that the Partial Unit Investment bears to the Unit Investment)

Registration required for prizes over $5 million

If the prize for a $10 unit exceeds $5 million, all winning ticket holders or telephone betting winners (including entries placed via Electronic Shroff Card or 1886 Telebet Automated Services, etc) are required to register by calling the Club’s 1817 Hotline by 5:00 pm on Friday, 4 January (bets placed via Interactive Services** are excluded). Winners who placed their bets using Interactive Services, such as the mobile betting app, need not check the drawn numbers or register through the hotline, as prizes will be transferred directly into their betting accounts. With Mobile Betting Services, customers can enjoy convenient and efficient betting services.

*Customers must be aged 18 and above

** Interactive Services include Online Betting Service (eWin), Mobile Betting Service, Racing Touch App and MangoPRO App