Horse Racing
Adjourned Inquiry - Race 2 (753) – 27 June 2018 Happy Valley Racemeeting

06/07/2018 16:12

The Stewards today continued their inquiry which was adjourned from the Happy Valley racemeeting conducted on Wednesday, 27 June 2018.  At that racemeeting, the Stewards questioned M Chadwick regarding the instructions he was provided and the tactics adopted on AFTER ME, trained by Mr D Cruz.  After evidence was taken from Jockey Chadwick, Mr H S Fan, acting assistant trainer allocated to Mr D Cruz, and Mr M Cruz, the son of Mr D Cruz, the matter was adjourned so that Mr D Cruz could be interviewed as he was not in Hong Kong at that time.

The Stewards today took evidence from Mr D Cruz with further evidence being taken from Jockey Chadwick, Mr Fan and Mr M Cruz.  Evidence was also taken from Mr M L Hsu, manager of the Waterfalls Syndicate, the registered owner of AFTER ME.

After considering all the evidence, the Stewards were satisfied that Jockey Chadwick had ridden AFTER ME in accordance with the instructions previously issued to him by Mr D Cruz and his acting assistant trainer.  Accordingly, no further action was taken.