Horse Racing
Change of Racing Colours - GREAT VICTORY & THIS IS CLASS

05/06/2018 11:39

The Racing Colours for the following horses have been changed:

Horse Name Owned by Racing Colours Reason
From To
GREAT VICTORY (B419) Mr & Mrs Senta Wong and Vinci Wong ORANGE : green chevron, orange & green hooped slvs, orange & green checked cap GREEN : orange chevron, green & orange hlvd slvs, orange cap Change of ownership
THIS IS CLASS (B420) Keep-One-Step-Ahead Syndicate ROYAL-BLUE : pale-green braid, royal-blue & pale-green checked slvs, pale-green chevron on royal-blue cap BLACK : pale-green spots, pale-green chevrons on white slvs, white cap. At Owner’s request

Racing colours for GREAT VICTORY (B419): EPS file/JPG file
Racing colours for THIS IS CLASS (B420): EPS file/JPG file